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Face your competition
Face your competition

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What is crowdo
Competitor Analysis?


Fully Manual SEO Analysis and Technical Website Audit


Fresh insights on your positioning and blind spots in SEO


Conducted by our SEO Specialist Team


Deep dive into the building blocks of your competitors’ SEO strategy


Learn how to optimize your website to get better leads + more traffic


It’s FREE! No catch and no hidden fees


Crowdo gives back to the market with rich SEO insights!

What do you get

Crowdo SEO Competitor Analysis

With Crowdo SEO Competitor Analysis, you will:


Get an overview of the main technical issues of your site, i.e., UX design, content, or backlink profile


Discover the top web pages of your competitors and their most popular products, services, and website categories


Get insights into the latest niche trends and your competitors' strategies.


Get a full list of your competitors for Organic Traffic


Compare the prices of an ad placement lead from Google Ads, Facebook, & YouTube with an organic lead from Google Search


Discover how your competitors generate traffic and their main SEO metrics


See the hottest Organic Keywords for your niche

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Whack your

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Our Cases

Costco Products

IT Niche

Costco Products

IT Niche

Our client - the owner of a database and review platform, was looking to gain more organic traffic and attract high-intent leads to their website.

After requesting Crowdo Competitor Analysis and identifying the main drawbacks of their SEO compared to the top players in their niche, they ordered a comprehensive SEO strategy to boost their traffic gains.

To diversify their backlink profile and boost their online visibility, we analyzed their website and recommended Crowdo Links for optimal SEO promotion on popular discussion platforms, such as forums and Q&A communities.

Crowdo managed to improve this client's online visibility and ensure a higher Google rank through:

Keyword research
Keyword ranking optimization
Increased organic traffic to the client’s website
Increased organic traffic to the client’s website

In a matter of weeks, our client saw a major boost in organic traffic to their website. Starting at ~350 clicks per day, we drove the traffic to a whopping 2K daily clicks in 8 weeks, and the number keeps growing! They currently rank in the top #3 for 13 keywords in their niche and get an average of 50K+ active monthly sessions!

Would you like to have similar high-impact results?

"Amazing results with Crowdo Links - We got 2K Daily Clicks and Reached the Top 3 ranking within 8 weeks!"

Social Media Tools

IT Niche

"Amazing results with Crowdo Links - We got 2K Daily Clicks and Reached the Top 3 ranking within 8 weeks!"

Crowdo’s main goal was to improve their online visibility and help them achieve higher Google rankings through:

Niche keyword research
Increased organic traffic
Keyword ranking optimization
Promotion in niche-relevant discussions


Brand awareness and recognizability increased in 9 weeks
The organic traffic skyrocketed to 177K unique visitors per month
Client’s website got into Google’s top 3 in less than 60 days

The positive effects are lasting, bringing more customers and traffic to their website and helping them stay in Google’s top ranks for the main keywords.

Want your website to get to Google’s Top 3? We’re here to make it happen

Social Media Tools

IT Niche

Our client, the owner of a social media tool that allows downloading videos from Instagram Reels, got in touch with Crowdo aiming to increase traffic to their website, improve Google rankings and stand out from the competition.

Starting with Crowdo Competitor Analysis, our team analyzed their website and compared the data to the top competitors in their niche. We identified the main drawbacks of their online promotion strategy, suggested technical website improvements, and recommended a winning SEO strategy to move forward.

Cosmetics Niche

Cosmetics Niche

Our client, the manufacturer and distributor of cosmetic technology devices and consumable products in Australia got in touch with us, aiming to boost their sales through improved local visibility, increased brand awareness, and organic traffic.

After requesting Crowdo Competitor Analysis and reviewing the SEO strategy of the top competitors in their niche, we outlined the most effective strategy to help them beat the local competition with effective online promotion.

Crowdo Local SEO service helps clients stand out from the competition, reduce costs on promotion, increase targeted organic traffic, and reach Google's top 3 in the local search. All these factors lead to a substantial boost in sales.

"We couldn’t believe it! Our website ranks #1 on Google in just 3 months + we gained 3K in organic monthly traffic!"

Crowdo helped the client to succeed in the following SEO objectives:

Spread brand awareness
Raise visibility in the local area
Increase organic traffic
Boost online sales (key objective)

In just 3 months of our work:

The client's website reached the #1 rank in Google for the main keywords;
Brand awareness and visibility in the local search dramatically increased through link building using local forums;
The organic traffic increased from 2000 to 5000 unique visitors per month;

The client reported a sizable boost in sales, which was the ultimate objective.

The work performed for this client has steady and lasting results. Local SEO optimization accomplished by Crowdo will continue to bring in new clients and keep their website at the Top of Local Google search for the main keywords.

Don’t waste time and money on ads! Choose Crowdo to get even better high-impact SEO results! We know how to get your site to rank #1 on Google!

Why Choose CROWDO?

At CROWDO, we don't make promises we can't keep - but it's not uncommon for our clients to generate 60%+ of their revenue from new and improved SEO marketing.

Our effective SEO services help our clients reach the Top of Google rankings and get more calls, traffic, and customers. We are happy to share our knowledge and industry insights with businesses starting their SEO journey!

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Coming into this without prior SEO experience, I was surprised at how clear and comprehensive the analysis was to a beginner. Crowdo’s team of SEO specialists explained every aspect of the research and helped me make sense of the results to optimize my SEO strategy. Thanks, guys!
Sue Murray
CyberFin Co. Ltd
Thanks to Crowdo and their team for giving us a jump-start in SEO, and helping us save a ton of time and money on competitor insights! At first, we were sceptical about the quality of the report, since it was free, but the data we got on competitors’ traffic and keywords + our technical site issues was impressive!
Michael Blake
Anzamie Consultant
Thanks to Crowdo, I found out what it takes to overhaul my SEO strategy and beat my competition to the top, and I didn’t even have to spend a cent on it! I would definitely recommend Crowdo to anyone dipping their toes in SEO!
Gloria Fitzgerald
Baker Shire Group
Crowdo was a game-changer for us, allowing us to learn how to improve our SEO rankings. We simply filled out the form, and Crowdo did the rest!
Levi Martin
No consultants. No costly market research reports. Never thought it would be so easy to find out what my competition was up to. We received a complete report in 3 days with in-depth insights into our competitors’ SEO strategies.
Lynne Freeman
Unibyte Creative. Ltd
Never underestimate the power of insights. After we got the results of our Competitor Analysis from Crowdo, we were impressed with the detailed research and comprehensive plan of action for our SEO!
Warren French
Brandtrix Media
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